Trump Just Sent An Email That Has All The ‘Fake News’ Peddlers Screaming With Fury

President Trump has long been a fan of calling some of the more erroneous news sources “Fake News.” And no one is safe, it doesn’t matter who the publisher of the story is, if it is false, President Trump jumps on top of it.

He and his campaign, along with the RNC, have now taken the “Fake News” mantra Trump has built for himself to the logical, and hilarious, next step by sending out an email with the subject line: “At President Trump’s request, we are holding a contest to name the 2017 KING of Fake News. And we want to hear from you.”

The email then called upon recipients to vote for who they thought the “Fake News King” should be. While the vote was open-ended, the email did suggest a few options, all of which would have vied for my vote.

“1. The ABC News story incorrectly claiming Trump ordered Michael Flynn to contact Russian officials while a candidate. He actually did this as president-elect. ABC has since corrected the story. 

2. The CNN story claiming Trump and Trump Jr. were given access to WikiLeaks documents. This was actually publicly available information, and CNN has corrected the story. 

3. TIME reporting that a bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. was removed from the Oval Office by Trump. TIME corrected that story, and the reporter apologized.”

I think the whole world is looking forward to the winner of this contest put on by Trump and the RNC. Finally getting feedback from voters about the prevalence of the lying media will be enlightening to the Republican Party and will probably help candidates in 2018 tailor their campaigns to increase their chance of winning. Also, it would just be really funny to see the response of whichever news source won.