Top Democrat DNC Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison Joins ANTIFA

Minnesota Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison, who is the DNC Deputy Chairman, posted with an ANTIFA handbook last night. He also used it as a warning to President Trump.

Antifa was responsible for a number of attacks and riots after President Trump took office. They also have shut down free speech events on college campuses and harassed Trump supporters at rallies. The FBI has warned against the ‘Antifa ideology’ and has indicated a number of people who associate with said ideology are under active investigation:

“Federal domestic terrorism investigators are probing ‘a number of’ people animated by ‘kind of an Antifa ideology,’ FBI Director Christopher Wray told lawmakers Thursday.

“’We do have a very active domestic terrorism program,’ Wray told the House Homeland Security Committee. ‘And while we’re not investigating Antifa as Antifa — that’s an ideology and we don’t investigate ideologies — we are investigating a number of what we would call anarchist-extremist investigations where we have properly predicated subjects of people who are motivated to commit violent criminal activity on kind of an Antifa ideology.’”

Ellison tweeted out the picture with the message, “At @MoonPalaceBooks and I just found the book that strike fear in the heart of @realDonaldTrump.”

And people on Twitter are not happy:

  • Demoncrats

    Antifa is a terrorist group. This black “muslim” congressman is a traitor to the USA. Why?
    Know your enemy.
    > muslims lie that their islamic political warfare is a culture and a religion.
    > muslims are taught there is no law but islamic law.
    > muslims are the worlds largest hate group.
    > muslims adhere to the islamic political warfare dictate to fund and support muslims who murder non-muslims then enslave and rape non-muslim women to raise more murdering muslims.
    > muslims want to dominate the world in the name of their allah – who is satan.

    • Donald Kilb

      Right, and the Demonrat resistance is based on hate for all but themselves.

      • Bdog

        Uhg…. all muslims… ‘BAD’. All ‘black muslims’… “WORSE”. All hate America… Constitution… and illusion of ‘Freedom’! All American muslims are demons… and support only ‘Demonrats’.

        Must go now… and continue to feed on propaganda ‘fear-hate-swill’.

        “…the Demonrat resistance is based on hate for all but themselves.” <== Gee, this wouldn't be "Hate rhetoric" against a very large segment of the American population, would it?

        • Donald Kilb

          Hate against the rest of us. What do you think??

          • Bdog

            I think we need to be careful NOT to throw a blanket of hatred over an entire group, when it doesn’t fit or is simply not true. To be part of a radicalized wing of any group, whether it’s Christian, Muslim, American, Israeli, Russian, etc…. should not cast the entire population as evil… when the overwhelming majority of those people basically just care about food, shelter, safety and happiness for their loved ones. It’s the lust for money, power, influence or some radicalized ideal that’s sets these groups apart. Because some deranged a-hole shot several hundred rounds into an innocent crowd in Las Vegas… DOES NOT mean all Americans are crazy, stupid and’or deranged.

          • Donald Kilb

            The problem is Sharia – The ones that support it and the ones that fear it. The Muslims are trying to supplant our society by immigration.

          • Bdog

            I feel like you’re buying into the propaganda of ‘fear’… and not logic. The U.S. will never become a Sharia nation… EVER! It’s not the least bit of a concern for me… unfortunately, it’s a narrative tool that get’s people all riled up! For that.. I blame the ‘Special Interests’ who benefit and ‘profit’ from it.

          • GrizzMann

            Well their holey koran does call for killing all Infidels and defines Allah as the best and greatest deceiver. All good Muslims follow the holey koran.

          • Bdog

            I haven’t read the ‘holy’ Koran… but a little research certainly suggests what you say is true. Tell me, though…. How would you interpret Deuteronomy 17… or 13… or 12… Or Numbers 31, where God commands the Israelites to attack Midian and kill all the men, all the married women and all the male children but to keep the virgin females as the spoils of war and distribute them among the soldiers.

            The reason offered for that barbarism? Two Midianite women had allegedly “tempted” two Israelite men to worship other gods.

            There’s been quite of bit if death and destruction in the name of Christianity….

      • GrizzMann

        I wouldn’t say that they do not hate themselves, that limits their scope.

      • regulus30

        FASCISTS;;no longer protected by the First Amendment.

    • regulus30

      When any org. threatens a President and the sitting government that is called ‘treason”, these scum bags must be dealt with as a domestic terrorist group and countered with deadly force. CRACK their skulls.

  • dan690

    Why wouldn’t Ellison join a fascist group?

    • Donald Kilb

      Because he is a Muslim Terrorist. Just think, he’s welcomed into the Demonrat inner circle with open arms. Where do you think the former Democratic Party is headed?

      • donl

        IF Hillary had won, Soros & Obama would be in control, Hillary would be their puppet, you and I would be Comrades, without guns and free speech. It was that close, thank Trump and the REAL American People that voted for him.

    • GrizzMann

      Because he already is a Democrat

  • bless us all

    Lord help us…and our USA…
    pls give Ellison the light he needs to realize how wrong he is….and SOON!

    • peanut butter

      He’s a muslim… that will never change.

      • bless us all

        he initially was Christian and this may have rebirth in him again…hopefully.
        either way, he needs to surrender his seat after supporting a terrorist that correct DNC?-you demanded it of Franken , why not him for this.

  • AFGus

    Ellison needs to be sitting in an 8×10 at GITMO, not in the halls of Congress!

  • peanut butter

    Now I KNOW for sure that antifa has been infiltrated by the muslims. They will do anything to try and disrupt our American way of life and spread their caliphate onto our land. This is no surprise to me from Ellison. Sure am glad he didn’t become the democratic minority leader. You think Pelosi’s bad… sheesh!

  • Marc Leap

    Nice job, Minnesota, in electing this scumbag. You should be proud.

  • Marina

    Antifa is a domestic terrorist group, Ellison should be placed in the FBI most wanted list, or surrender himself, and put in jail for advertising, aiding and abetting a known terrorist group.

  • donl

    The guy must be a Communist Muslim, how fkd-up is that!!

  • GrizzMann

    Antifa, just another Democrat KKK.

  • regulus30

    Bring it on “reggie”.

  • regulus30

    DOJ knows who these anti-government pukes are and when a sitting congressman threatens a President he should be dealt with accordingly; how far will our Constitutional freedoms be stretched to protect the very scum trying to destroy it; used against the very ideals that give them free expression [until it becomes TERRORISM]…THIS MUST BE handled appropriately.

  • Marc E.

    Mr. Ellison Muhammad was already part of a group of a very similar ideology, called the NOI. Antifa simply “sounds” more appealing than “KKK”. Gotta’ change with the times for the sake of the snowflakes.

  • BuddyBoy53

    Arrest this thug. He is violating his oath of office and there should be zero tomerance of this act. Make it a felony with minimum 10 years in prison and see this treason stopped in it’s tracks.

  • 3M WOJ8

    If Keith X runs again his non-white constituency, like Lemmings, will still vote for him just as the non-white constituency of Marion Barry, the crack smoking disgraced and convicted felon mayor of Washington DC, voted that POS back in the office.

    This is why people who are on welfare shouldn’t be allowed to vote because all they do is vote to perpetuate the entitlement system, and invariably vote for Democrats.

    If Keith X isn’t on a terror watch list by now then our government really sucks. Maybe if our government at all levels would do its job of protecting the country and stop stealing from the rich to give to the poor then maybe people wouldn’t be stocking up on element 82 like they are right now in response to the unraveling of the Civil Society.