Driver Hits Protester In Street, Police Arrest Protester

New footage of a protester being hit by a car has emerged. The incident took place in Denver. The protesters were attempting to stop traffic.

The protest was an anti-cop effort. ACAB (All Coppers Are Bastards) led the disorderly conduct.

But after the protester was hit, they expected the cops to serve justice on the driver. But that’s not what happened. The cops arrested the protester for blocking traffic.

The driver can be seen pulling over and getting out of his car. He never attempted to flee the area. The cops eventually let him leave the area.

This is a stern reminder that protesting in the street is a bad idea. The driver was not trying to hit the person in the street. By all accounts, it was an accident. But the driver should never have been put in that position. People need to think twice about protesting in such dangerous situations.