Robert Mueller Worked For Democratic Group Tied To Obama

A new report shows that Robert Mueller, the man hired as a special investigator into President Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, is far from impartial. He came under fire this past week for hiring Clinton supporters and donors, but this new revelation might be the final straw that gets him fired.

Breitbart reported on the ties to the Clinton’s:

“Three members of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team made the donations to Democrats, including to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, according to a CNN analysis using Federal Election Commission records. CNN reported:

“More than half of the more than $56,000 came from just one lawyer and more than half of it was donated before the 2016 election, but two of the lawyers gave the maximum $2,700 donation to Hillary Clinton last year. Over the weekend, news outlets including CNN identified five attorneys that Mueller has already brought on board to help investigate potential collusion between associates of President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, now it looks like Mueller has ties to former President Obama. Civis Analytics is a leftist analytics firm that has ties to liberal mega-donor and founder of Google, Eric Schmidt. Schmidt is a close personal friend and donor to Barack Obama. Mueller was a partner at WilmerHale law firm. WilmerHale represented Civis Analytics during a major fundraising drive led by Schmidt that led to $22 million raised. Civis worked closely with the Democratic Party and helped Democrats build their data during the 2016 election:

“Civis… promises a paradigm that could rescue American politics from confusion. The startup—which works closely with the Democratic Party—didn’t play much of a role during the primaries, but now it intends to help the Democrats wage the most data-intensive campaign in history,” according to a June 2016 Wired article.

But that’s not all. They also led a major spying operation on voters:

“In the past, an entire campaign’s data and infrastructure would go poof after Election Day. Now Civis and similar firms are building institutional memory with permanent information store­houses that track America’s 220 million–odd voters across their adult lives, noting everything from magazine subscriptions and student loans to voting history, marital status, Facebook ID, and Twitter handle. Power and clients flow to the firms that can build and maintain the best databases of people’s behavior over time.”

With these ties it seems really unlikely that Mueller can be impartial in his investigation. Trump will have no choice but to fire him and unfortunately, he will pay a price politically for doing so. But what else can he do?

(H/T GotNews)