Right After Trump Showed The World Why America Is #1 , He Absolutely Embarrassed Hillary Clinton

Before President Trump’s address at the World Economic Forum, he spoke to CNBC’s Joe Kernen at length, at which he touched on everything from trade, to the market, to the government shutdown, immigration law, and of course, a little bit about how we dodged a bullet with Hillary Clinton, reports Zero Hedge.

Trump also spoke about the role fo the dollar, saying once again refuting recent anti-USD sentiment, Trump countered the market interpretation of Mnuchin’s comments, saying he “ultimately wants to see a strong USD”.

“It’s your great reserve currency. There can never be anything even close to it. There is nothing close to it, there never will be,” Trump told CNBC, explaining that “we are doing so well, our country is becoming so economically strong again – and strong in other ways too, by the way – that the dollar is going to get stronger and stronger.” Then, in a paradoxical twist, Trump said “nobody should be talking” about the dollar, “It should be what it is.”

Trump’s dollar endorsement triggered a temporary reversal of USD weakness on Thursday, although it has since continued to decline and his latest comments barely registered on the Bloomberg dollar index, reports Zero Hedge.

Touching on other key topics, Trump told Kernen that Democrats wouldn’t want another government shutdown “because you look at every poll, it said they made a mistake.”

“‘We want to do what’s right and we’re going to do what’s right, and we’re going to solve the DACA problem. And I don’t think the Democrats would want to pull another shutdown. But we’ll get it solved. And if we need a little more time, we’ll take a little more time. I want to get the problem solved correctly,’ Trump said.”

Trump then took time to talk about how if he wasn’t president this wouldn’t be happening, and who knows what the state of the economy would be in now if Hillary Clinton was in charge of it. Trump estimates that it would be 50 percent lower.

“Not only did Jamie Dimon say he thought 3% [GDP] was possible, he said we could get to 4 percent in 2018. Lloyd Blankfein, and I pressed him a little because I said, ‘That was not the outcome – the election that you were, I think, hoping for. Now that you’ve seen what’s happened to the stock market, up 40% since Election Day, how businesses are growing confidence, are you happy with the outcome?’…

‘Had the Democrat won — the stock market is up almost 50% since my election — had the Democrat won, I believe you would have been down 50. That’s the direction we were headed. And you know, a lot of that, regulation. It was staggering. You could not do anything,’ said Trump.”

Thanks to Trump’s stance on taking down those crippling regulations the U.S.’s economy has never been better for hard-working Americans.