Trey Gowdy Gives A Major Hint About What’s In The Secret FISA Memo – Americans Will Be ‘Surprised’

Representative Trey Gowdy wants a memo drawn up by the House Intelligence Committee to be released to the American public so they can find out just how much the Trump dossier drove the FBI’s investigation to abuse their power and conducting illegal surveillance on the Trump campaign, reports The Washington Examiner.

Gowdy said on “Fox News Sunday” the American public deserves to read the memo, composed by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, and see for themselves the role Democrats played in coming up with the dossier.

“There’s nothing in this memo the department is not already aware of. If you think your viewers want to know whether or not the dossier was used in court proceedings, whether or not it was vetted before it was used, whether or not it’s ever been vetted,” Gowdy said, “if you are interested in who paid for the dossier, if you are interested in Christopher Steele’s relationship with Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, then you will want the memo to come out.”

He added, “This memo answers what I think are legitimate questions and I do think the FBI should look at it before it is released. I have provided that counsel to chairman [Devin] Nunes and I think that he has taken that under advisement. I want to play face-up poker.”

But Gowdy says that the memo isn’t exactly a take down of the FBI and all their wrongdoings and that the public will be “surprised” to see what’s in it.

“I want the bureau to know everything that’s in the memo. I think you will be surprised; it is not a hit piece on the department and the FBI. I would not have participated in it if that’s what it was,” Gowdy said.

Really, what the memo would encompass is that it would tell how much the Trump dossier, a salacious document produced by a former British spy that was paid for by the Democratic National Committee and Hilary Clinton’s campaign and was circulated throughout Washington following the 2016 election, was used as the basis for the federal investigation into Trump.

“If they relied on it half, is not significant enough for the American people to know? If they relied on it at all do you want to know? Do you want to know if a third of what you are providing to the court was paid for by a political opponent?” he said.

“’Whether it was relied upon 80 percent or 20 percent, do you want to know that the Democratic National Committee paid for material that was never vetted, that was included in the court proceeding? Do you want to know whether or not the primary source in these core proceedings had a bias against one candidate? Do you want to know whether or not he said he would do anything to keep that candidate from becoming president?,’ said Gowdy.”

If what Gowdy hints at is accurate, get ready for the bombshell of all bombshells.