Only A Few People Noticed Something Really Embarrassing About The Dems SOTU Response – And Not Just The Drooling

For the most part, Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-MA) got pretty good reviews for his response to the president’s State Of The Union Address. But that doesn’t mean there was nothing to criticize him about. In fact, there were a few downright idiotic things about the speech that Democrats really should have seen coming.

First, the drooling. Kennedy either had way too much chapstick on or was drooling during the speech.

You be the judge:

And the response has not been good:

“’All we’ll remember is the drool on his face,’ tweeted Josh Holmes, former chief of staff and campaign manager for Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell.

“Another Twitter wit delivered this one-liner: ‘Ask not what your country can drool for you, ask what you can drool for your country!'”

But that really wasn’t the worst part of the speech. What few failed to notice was that Kennedy did the speech in front of a mangled car. This is significant for two reasons: First, you can argue the optics are just plain bad – Democratic policies are synonymous with a car crash and; secondly, it clearly harkens back memories of the Chappaquiddick incident in which Ted Kennedy ran his car off the road in a drunken stupor, leading to the death of Mary Jo Kopechne.

This association was not lost on some people:

And of course Twitter had a field day on this one: