WATCH: Black Lives Matter Tried To Storm The Super Bowl, What They Did Next Was Embarrassing

Different activists showed up outside of the Super Bowl arena in Minneapolis, MN on Sunday. Most notable among them were the “Black Lives Matter” protestors and others who were generally displeased by the Administration and probably football, reports BizPac review.

The protesters where wearing mostly black and attire with the message, “You can’t play with Black Lives,” when they took the streets of Minneapolis. This protest follows the other protests surrounding the NFL, mostly from the players themselves over police brutality and other social causes.

The people protesting in Minneapolis that day caused social disturbances and blocked many pathways that public transportation uses to get around the city.

The protestors created a human chain that blocked the METRO Green Line neart U.S> Bank Stadium, where the Super Bowl was played.

Some of the activists even went as far as chaining themselves to a fence when the temperature was in the single digits.

ABC affiliate KSTP reported that β€œabout 30 activists walked onto the city’s Green Line at the West Bank stop shortly after 2 p.m. Sunday, stopping trains in both directions.”

A Twitter account claiming to represent the movement took to social media to boast of its success.

β€œOur chapter in Minneapolis has shut down the green line light rail to highlight the dark side of the Super Bowl as endangers community members and makes the city less accessible. Only Super Bowl ticket holders have access to the light rail so the team SHUT IT DOWN,” the tweet read.

They even tried to block entry gates to US Bank Stadium.

Metro Transit Police Chief John Harrington told reporters that about 17 arrests had been made by 4:15, according to KSTP-TV.

This didn’t seem to be a randomly formed protest though. The participants looked way to organize in their actions for this to be a random protest. They must have planned it ahead of time. Many knelt as the NFL players have been doing all season during the playing of the national anthem.

The Black Lives Matters protesters were joined by an assortment of liberal activists representing a wide range of social justice β€œcauses,” all looking to make a nuisance of themselves during the festive atmosphere.

While there may have been some unrest outside of the stadium, no real form of protest broke out inside the stadium. All of the NFL players remained standing, but a few did put their hands on each other’s shoulders. At least there wasn’t a huge display of disrespect for our veterans and instead focused on playing the game at hand.