BUSTED! Another Deep State Agency Just Got Caught Working For Hillary Clinton To Attack Trump

New reports show there may have been a continues circle of contact involving the Clinton campaign and the Obama state department, working together to create the dubious Trump-Russia dossier that hasn’t been proven to be factually true and which led to unlawful surveillance on the Trump campaign, reports Fox News.

Martha MacCallum and Ed Henry reported that a foreign source gave information in the dossier to an unnamed Clinton associate, who gave it to the Obama administration, who passed it on to Steele, and “around and around.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano said he keyed-into an otherwise unremarkable reference in the FISA Memo, which referred to former MI6 Agent Christopher Steele as a “longtime FBI asset.”

Steele, the former British spy who is said to have compiled the Trump-Russia dossier, could have an “interesting problem,” according to Napolitano.

Napolitano believes that at the time, the FBI was also “conducting a fraudulent and deceptive investigation” of Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified emails with her private email server.

He believes that the reason why the FBI and Justice Department fought to keep the memo out of the public eye for so long is that the memo mentions that Steele is a “longtime FBI asset” which implicates the FBI with Hillary Clinton in trying to take down then-candidate Trump.

Napolitano said the United States, New Zealand, Great Britain, Australia, and Canada have an agreement where they can share intelligence information with one another, but at the same time have sworn not to “cherry pick” which foreign agents they use for Intel.

The judge explains that if Steele was chosen to contribute intel to the American document while he was still an M16 agent, London could prosecute him for espionage.

“If before he left MI6, he was an FBI asset… [he] has an enormous problem on his hands,” Napolitano said, noting 2009 as a key starting point for his work with American entities.

He said the reason for the charges would be the fact that Steele then would’ve been a spy for England while simultaneously acting as one for the United States.

Napolitano said such conjecture explains why American agencies did not want the memo to be released, reports Fox News.

This is a big development for the case about the Steele dossier and the recent FISA and Democratic memos.