After A Democrat Said Trump Promotes ‘White Supremacy,’ Tucker Left Her In A Stuttering Mess

Tucker Carlson exposes the race-baiting Democratic Representative from Seattle, Pramila Jayapal, on his show recently and points out that there is nothing wrong with wanting the best immigrants in our country to improve American life, reports Fox News.

First Carlson opened up with a horrible new incident where a two-time deported immigrant, Manuel Orrego-Savala is accused of plowing his truck into an Uber car carrying Indianapolis Colts player Edwin Jackson and killing him.

Carlson said that Democrats are “steadfastly determined” to let illegal immigrants like Savala stay in the country and allow perhaps thousands of others like him to stay in the country with their new legislation for immigration they want to push through the Senate soon.

“[They] alienated middle America,” he said of the left, “They cannot win without [naturalization of illegals].”

Carlson also pointed out that Jayapal has said in the past that Trump’s policies on the topic of immigration “target people of color and advances his hate-filled agenda.”

Carlson pointed out that Trump is moderating, voicing support for a DACA fix that may include a path to citizenship.

“How is that white supremacy?” he asked.

Jayapal said Trump brought the issue on himself by discontinuing the DACA program, therefore putting those illegal immigrants in danger of deportation.

Then the two get on the subject of chain migration, which Jayapal says that Republicans should be all on board with since they are the “family party” and that Republicans have traditionally associated themselves with family values.

Carlson says that he is completely “pro-family” but the fact that we are just letting anyone into this country, without seriously looking at who they are as a person is dangerous and could be detrimental to the country’s safety.

That is why Carlson brings up merit-based immigration system and asks Jayapal why that isn’t a more acceptable way to allow immigrants into the U.S.

Jayapal responds that she understands the importance of citizenship, noting it took her 17 years become an American citizen after leaving her home country of India.

Carlson asked whether when she met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that she asked him to, therefore, allow Pakistanis to immigrate to India en masse based on chain migration policies.

Jayapal couldn’t answer Carlson’s basic questions and insisted that we should still be allowing masses of immigrants to be allowed citizenship just because they snuck into the country illegally.