After Getting Caught Up In Embarrassing Scandal, GOP Rep Drops A Nuclear Warhead on Adam Schiff

Florida Republican Congressman, Matt Gaetz, is demanding that Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff from California step down from his position on the House Intelligence Committee and to recuse himself from any future involvement in the Trump-Russia probe, reports Fox News.

“Adam Schiff should step aside as the lead Democrat on the Intel committee as a consequence of this scandal,” Gaetz said.

Gaetz is saying that Schiff invalidated his ability to properly investigate allegations against President Trump, which included in an unverified dossier compiled by former M16 officer Christopher Steele.

Schiff is claiming that with this bogus dossier as evidence that Trump has worked with a foreign power (Russia) to affect an American presidential election.

Due to recent revelations about Schiff show his “hypocrisy” on the matter, declaring the Burbank representative did effectively the same thing.

Gaetz mostly points to an audiotape of a phone call that Schiff had with Russian pranksters purporting to be Ukrainian dignitaries with access to compromising photos of Trump with a Ukrainian model.

According to Tucker Carlson, Schiff sounded amicable to the news. Carlson cited a report that the congressman later had a staffer dial back the number to possibly set up a meeting with the “Ukrainians.”

“Schiff was off playing footsies with the Ukrainians, trying to get naked pictures of Donald Trump,” Gaetz added. “[Schiff] has gone from having an oversight responsibility to an actual principal in this investigation for engaging with ‘Ukrainians’.”

Gaetz points out that even Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the executive branch’s part in the investigation over what Gaetz considered a handshake in a greeting line.