Latest Evidence From Anti-Trump FBI Officials Proves They’re The Most Horrible People On The Planet

More and more texts between ex-FBI agents Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page, show that they joked about everything from kicking his son out of his house if he ever supported a Republican and obstructing free speech rights for pro-life groups, reports The Daily Caller.

Thanks to the release of 500 pages of texts between the two former FBI agents, released on Wednesday by Senate investigators, now we can see that Strzok did want to impede proper procedure when it came to the Clinton email investigation.

In some of the texts, Strzok explains that he needed to wrap up the probe into Clinton’s private email server when it became clear before the primaries ended that it would be a Trump and Clinton race.

In these texts, it also shows Strzok saying that he would throw his son out on the street for supporting Ted Cruz and also said that the government should stop pro-life demonstrators by taking away their permit under false circumstances.

FBI lawyer Lisa Page mocked an ethics presentation and implied that the FBI was also racist and put “idiots” in charge if they were “white males.”

On May 2, 2016, Page wrote “Holy shit Cruz just dropped out of the race. It’s going to be a Clinton Trump race. Unbelievable.”

Strzok replied, “Now the pressure really starts to finish MYE.” MYE stands for Mid-Year Exam, a code name for the Clinton probe.

On May 10, 2016, Strzok says he “talked to [redacted]. Banner evening. Concluded by saying I cannot overstate to you the sense of urgency about wanting to logically and effectively conclude this investigation.”

Strzok also implied in his texts that apparently half the country’s population, Republicans, are filled with “bigoted hatred,” and appeared to express concerns that affirmative action would keep children close to him from getting into top schools, before finally implying it might be worth it to “demonstrate the absolute bigoted nonsense of Trump.”

Page then also spends hundreds of texts strategizing about how to get ahead in her career and says she is in a “white male hierarchy that NEVER easts its own. That pushes even idiots forward for promotion. I think you’re going to be OK,” she said.

The two discuss affirmative action after seeing an article about illegal immigrants who were valedictorians. Strzok wrote “While I hate Trump, part of me thought [redacted] would not/may not get into [redacted] because they’re white and not from buttf*ck Texas.”

“I’m torn between their achievement and the reality of the limitations it places on others. All of that separate and distinct from the bigoted hatred of half (it seems) of our population,” he continues to say about Texas.

Strzok and Page go through a little fight as well, talking about how Strzok believes that immigrant children have an advantage with their background to get into colleges like Yale, which Page didn’t agree with at all and thought it was mostly rich white boys who are allowed into Yale.

Discussing the Republican primary, Strzok says “I keep hoping the charade will end and people will just dump [Trump]. The problem, then, is [Marco] Rubio will likely lose to [Ted] Cruz.”

The pair later complains about pro-life demonstrators in DC. “F*cking marchers making traffic problems,” Strzok says.

Page replies “I truly hate these people. No support for the woman who actually has to spend the rest of her life rearing this child, but we care about ‘life.’ Assholes.”

Again, these texts show how politically motivated or at least Strzok was who had direct influence over the Clinton investigation, but after seeing these texts from both of them, it’s safe to say that these two are sick and need help.