Lefty Reporter Asked If Bias Exists In Newsrooms, Her Answer Will Have You Rolling With Laughter

The Atlantic’s Julia Loffe went on CNN to talk about the Russia investigation, but also to claim that she is a part of the news organizations that aren’t politically biased and the majority of the nation’s leading newsroom care only about the facts, reports The Washington Examiner.

“On one side we have a very politically motivated media — Fox, Breitbart, Infowars, etc. — that are pushing a dishonest narrative,” she said in a CNN interview. “And on the other side we’re trying to be like, “Well, we’re not on any side, here are the details.”

Loffe is trying to place news networks in two separate realms. Those who report the facts accurately and those who have a political bias so you can’t really trust what they say and that just simply isn’t true.

It’s pretty incredible that a practiced journalist, like Loffe says she is, can come out of 2016 and 2017, which were probably the most divisive and troubling times for journalism, and say with a straight face that major newsrooms don’t have an obvious political ax to grind.

The Washington Examiner’s Becket Adams even says that it is ok to have biases, but the networks need to be upfront about their biases and the reporting be fair. It’s about time that news networks drop this charade of being ‘objective.’

Even the sacred New York Times that has tried convincing people in their new “just the facts” advertisements that they are doing just that, even though they have turned over their op-ed section to anti-Trump activists and professional conspiracy monger Louise Mensch.

Adams points to a collection of botched political reports from just 2017 that is nearly 15,000 words long that really show news reports are “just about the facts.”

“The impartial love for the truth is why the news industry has catapulted noted fabulist Michael Wolff from mere tabloid smear merchant to the most sought-after journalist in the business,” Adams says.

Loffe herself may think that she is completely unbiased in the way she reports but her twitter account tells a completely different and disgusting story.

After sending a now-deleted tweet that read “Either Trump is fucking his daughter or he’s shirking nepotism laws. Which is worse?” Which eventually got her fired from her position at Politico.

She didn’t stop there though, in a tweeted in 2015 in response to the Republican National Committee’s attempts to negotiate more favorable presidential debate terms, she said, “For candidates who so love shouting about freedom, they’re weirdly uncomfortable with the freedom of the press to ask them questions … [F]rom what I understand, though, the 2nd Amendment allows shooting journalists if you feel threatened by their questions.”

Yep, that sure sounds like “just the facts, ma’am” reporting.