BIZZARO WORLD: ABC Reports The Last Thing Gun Rights Supporters Ever Thought They’d See

ABC News aired a story over the weekend that will put anti-gun supporters to shame when they told the story of a mother and daughter who fought for their lives against a thief who was trying to rob their liquor store when the mom fought back with her own gun, reports News Busters.

On Saturday’s World News Tonight the network ran an additional full report about a mother and daughter who used their second amendment right that allowed them to fight back a thief who was robbing their family-owned liquor store in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

None of the leftist networks like CBS, NBC, and CNN didn’t run any story similar to that, and instead supported a town hall that was used for liberals to yell at Sen. Marco Rubio and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch.

But ABC decided to break from that mold and on Saturday evening, anchor Tom Llamas set up the report:

“And Americans who support gun rights may point to our next story as a reason why. The incredible scene in Oklahoma caught on surveillance. A man with a shotgun confronting a mother and daughter inside of their store, but the women didn’t back down — they grabbed their gun.”

Correspondent Zachary Kiesch narrated the piece which recalled that, after an armed robber with a shotgun entered the liquor store and confronted the two women, they grabbed their handguns when his back was turned, and the mother began firing at him.

The story also illustrates the importance of having plenty of bullets to fire as Kiesch recalled that “The alleged robber returns, shot in the leg and limping, but he won’t give up.”

The mother appeared to have run out of bullets by the time he wrestled the gun away from her, but her daughter used her own gun to keep firing at him, finally taking him down so the two could run away safely, reports News Busters.

FNC’s Fox and Friends ran a few briefs on Sunday morning but promised a full interview with one of the women for Monday’s show.

ABC also took the time to air an episode a couple of weeks ago where police officers were attacked by a gunman in Ohio, and ABC updated viewers that the gun had been illegally sold to the gunman by his friend, who was arrested for illegally selling a firearm to a convicted felon, which is significant because it illustrates that there are, in fact, laws already on the books against selling guns to convicted criminals as many liberals clamor for universal background checks.

At least some news networks out there are still willing to portray both sides of the coin over gun control and gun laws.