CNN Gets The Surprise Of Their Lives When They Actually Approach Real Teachers Carrying Guns

In a report that aired on CNN on Friday, correspondent Ed Lavandera did a segment about a school district in Texas that already allows its teachers to carry concealed weapons on their person and has them train in case of a school shooting should happen, but they weren’t expecting such a positive feedback from the students themselves, reports News Busters.

CNN has been pushing the anti-gun narrative that a lot of the liberal activists have been yelling about since the mass shooting at the Florida High School last week. CNN even hosted a town hall that was essentially set up for students and the crowd to yell at Sen. Marco Rubio and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch.

CNN has done a lot to tilt the narrative about gun control and the school shooting to their liberal advantage, even going as far as telling some of the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School what questions they should ask during the town hall event.

Lately, they have been trying to turn President Trump’s suggestion of allowing teachers to arm themselves in school as a negative idea and even an insane one, but Lavandera’s segment didn’t quite turn out that way.

When Lavandera was interviewing students about the guns allowed in their school and they said that they felt safer knowing their teachers were able to protect them if a shooting ever broke out.

In the pre-recorded piece, Lavandera informed viewers:

“Out of the roughly 1,000 school districts across the state of Texas, there are about 170 that have a policy of allowing teachers or administrators to carry a firearm. Here in the small town of Callisburg, their “Guardian” program was implemented about four years ago in large part because the city doesn’t have a local police department. They rely on county sheriffs, and, in a county this large, it can take many minutes for those deputies to respond to something like a shooting scene inside a school.”

After noting that the police officers assigned to the Douglas High School didn’t even go into the school to try and stop the shooter, they show a clip of Callisburg superintendent Steve Clugston predicting that the teachers that his school system has trained would be more effective than that cop ever could have been.

But they couldn’t stay away from their liberal narrative for too long.

Concluding the report, Lavandera warned: “The armed teachers here haven’t faced the worst-case scenario, so the question remains: How will they react if they’re forced to face a killer?”

Then it switches back to Alisyn Camerota and a substitute host who say, “Yeah, I mean, so that’s the problem. A lot of its hypothetical. We just don’t know how this will work in any sort of big numbers until it happens — and we don’t want ever want it to happen again.”