Trump Supporter Faces Death Threats After CNN Ambushes Her In Sick Way

Florine Gruen was just like any other Trump supporter until CNN harrassed her at her own home accusing her of knowing about the Russian bots that had created fake events that she willingly shared on her Facebook account, reports Fox News.

The 76-year-old was questioned by CNN correspondent Drew Griffin about how she unwittingly promoted a Russian-coordinated event during the 2016 election, and now she is receiving threats on social media and says she blames CNN for doing this to her.

Goldfarb had her full name plastered on the video that was tweeted out to CNN’s nearly 40 million followers. Her house number was also visible for much off the video. Her crime? Unknowingly organizing a pro-Trump event on Facebook that was influenced by the Russians, who are accused of meddling in the election, reports Fox News.

Fox News then reached out to Goldfarb in Pembroke Pines, Florida but declined a phone interview because she just wants the “situation to go away,” so she just spoke through Facebook Messenger.

She talked about all of the abuse she is receiving from anti-Trump activists on social media and how it all started after CNN released that video.

“My phone is ringing off the hook and I can’t keep up with the emails and Facebook messages. I am being trashed by anti-Trump trolls on Facebook. This would have never happened if Fake News CNN had not caught me at home and ambushed me trying to coerce me into giving them the answers they were looking for,” Goldfarb told Fox News via the messaging app. “CNN is doing a great job exposing themselves as Fake News.”

Goldfarb was called “public enemy number one,” a “traitor,” “miserable racist trash” and a treasonous hillbilly.” One Facebook user said she “should be arrested and tried for treason” in a series of messages arising in the wake of the CNN segment.

Even some actors got involved in Goldfarb’s harassment, including liberal co-star from “Two and a Half Men” Jon Cryer tweeted out CNN’s video along with saying “we are dealing with a cult.”

One user called her a “complete moron,” and one person responded that “there’s no witness protection program for the willfully ignorant.”

The episode really highlights how CNN chooses to cover the Russian collusion case, by bothering older women in their own homes, as well as showing their obvious enjoyment of making Trump supporters look foolish.

“They should do an ambush of their own producers,” Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld recently said on “The Five.”

Instead, Griffin approached Goldfarb on her own front lawn in Pembroke Pines, asking if she’d been part of a coverup. “The Russians? I don’t care if they were involved or not,” she said.

The combative CNN correspondent then asked if she was aware of the Russian influence, but Goldfarb quickly shot down his question. “They weren’t involved with us. Just make sure you report it correctly,” she said knowing that CNN could potentially twist her words as they usually do with Trump supporters.

Griffin then shifted gears, asking her if she was involved in “Being Patriotic,” which is apparently the name of a Russian troll group. But Goldfarb responded that she was “very patriotic.”

Griffin continued to question her outside her home, essentially accusing her of complying with Russian trolls. Goldfarb eventually walked away, calling the allegations “bulls—t” on her way inside the house.

When CNN tweeted out that video of Goldfarb, they were essentially giving a green light for liberals and Democrats to harass her on social media.

While Goldfarb did receive a lot of hate from anti-Trump people online, she also said she received a lot of support from Trump supporters across the globe as well.

“I greatly appreciate their support,” Goldfard wrote to Fox News.

“The Five” co-host Jesse Watters established himself as a cable news star conducting man-on-the-street segments and ambush interviews. “I’ve done this dozens and dozens of times and ambushed people. I’ve never done it to a regular person outside of their house,” Watters said. “The guy can go to someone’s house with a camera and a mic, that’s fine. … His tone was so wrong and accusatory.”

Co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle added that Goldfarb would have “quite a lawsuit if anything happens to her” as a result of the CNN report.

Goldfarb shared one of the threatening messages she has received from the harassers with Fox News, and it really is disturbing to hear that people could say this to a 76-year-old.

“Hey Comrade, I saw you being interviewed and denying helping Russians. You and all the Russian allies should go prison once we hang Trump for treason. Looking forward to impeaching your treasonous pos fake President, and coming after his enablers like you,” the message said.

While Goldfarb is concerned for her safety, she doesn’t want anyone feeling sorry for because of her advanced age.

“I may be 76 going on 77 but I am not an old lady. I have been active in politics for 10 years. Worked on many campaigns. In between my hobby is dancing, such as line dancing, couple dancing such as cha-cha, west and East Coast swing dances,” Goldfarb said.

Let’s hope she keeps on dancing then and won’t stop her support for her conservative ideas.