CNN Panel Erupts Into Anarchy After Brave Woman Says 1 Truth About Females & Guns

CNN hosted one of their famous panels again with regular Americans, except this time it was with gun owners. They had both pro-gun and pro-gun control people on their show and one woman was brave enough to shut down the anti-gun liberals with an astounding fact, reports Independent Journal Review.

The debate between the two groups started off at the very beginning when CNN host Alisyn Camerota asked if they thought assault rifles should be banned completely.

Scott Pappalardo, who was an owner of an AR-15 rifle but after the Parkland High School shooting decided to destroy his gun, said that he doesn’t think the guns should be completely banned but that certain limitations should be placed on them like no high magazines be sold.

Then the debate got a bit heated when Pappalardo said, “The AR-15 should not be used as a home protection weapon.”

One of the women on the panel, Carrie Lightfoot, then immediately spoke out and asked why.

“Because,” Pappalardo began.

“Do you know what a fabulous gun that is for women?” Lightfoot pressed.

“It is a fabulous gun — so is a shotgun,” Pappalardo shot back.

Lightfoot argued a shotgun is much harder to “handle” than an AR-15 rifle, which she said is merely a regular semi-automatic rifle that looks “badass.”

In response, Pappalardo claimed most criminals who hear a pump-action shotgun will just “leave.”

Then the Hillary Clinton supporter and anti-gun liberal spoke up and made the ridiculous claim that people don’t need guns at home to feel safe.

“You don’t need guns for home protection,” Amanda Meyer claims. Stating that the likely hood of a home invasion is “.003 percent.”

While Meyer may be ok with taking that risk that doesn’t mean they should keep other law-abiding Americans from being able to protect themselves in the way they feel most comfortable.