Even CNN Has Had Enough Of Anti-Gun Extremist David Hogg

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota actually came to the defense of Sen. Marco Rubio the other day when one of the Parkland student activists unleashed a vicious attack on the senator, but the fake news anchor stopped him short saying that his vile rhetoric was going too far and was not constructive in helping to provide solutions to the problem, reports The Daily Wire.

David Hogg is the student who survived the Parkland massacre but has also been one of the most outspoken liberal student activists who is shouting for more gun control laws and also calling out abuses to Marco Rubio says he hasn’t done enough to stop gun violence when Camerota points out that he has in fact tried.

Camerota points out that after the horrible shooting in Parkland Rubio called the victim’s families and they have said that Rubio is doing a lot behind the scenes to try to fix problems. She then asks Hogg if he thought he should at least give Rubio some credit for those kind actions.

Hogg responded by snapping that the actions that Rubio and other lawmakers have taken have been insufficient, saying, “In reality these laws have more holes than Swiss cheese.”

Camerota then brings attention to some of the gimmicks that the students were putting together during the “March for Our Lives” event on Saturday:

“I guess my point is, is that if you’re trying to get everybody together, if you’re trying to have solutions, do you think it is helpful when you say things like, Marco Rubio is putting, you know, for a dollar and five cents or whatever your coupon said, that’s how much he values students?” Camerota responded. “I mean do you think that’s unnecessarily provocative?”

“No, I think it’s not enough — I don’t think it’s even provocative enough because I — Marco Rubio is still supported by the NRA, which works to ensure not the safety of gun owners and the safety of Americans everywhere, but to insure that they sell more guns,” Hogg responded.

Hogg goes on to continue his pattern of lying which CNN does nothing to fact check and allows him to persist in trying to smear Republicans and NRA members with the barest attempt of pushback on CNN’s part.

The NRA’s bylaws explicitly state that the NRA exists to “promote public safety, law and order, and the national defense,” as well as to “promote hunter safety.”

Hogg also falsely represented the Dickey Amendment.

Hogg said, “They’re passing right now, where they tried kind of fixing the Dickey Amendment, they didn’t give any more funding. What they did is they said like you officially can do research, but we just aren’t going to fund it.”

The legislation states: “None of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may be used to advocate or promote gun control.”

Camerota then slightly, just slightly, suggests that Hogg’s “ire is misplaced” with blaming everything on Rubio because she again points to the various bills that Rubio is sponsoring that are a part of the omnibus bill that just passed.

But Hogg does not let up on his anti-Republican/NRA rant when he says that Rubio will continue to include loopholes in every law he helps sponsor.